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Alisa (Hemaalisa) Tantric- Ayurvedic Lineage Holder and Founder of Shakti Diva products

Hi, my name is Alisa. I wanted to introduce myself personally. In case you were wondering who this Alisa is.

I am a Certified Vedic Astrologer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach (specializing in Tantra and Kama Sutra) .

I am a Shaktipat Master, Ordain Minister-Gurutress-Priestess, a Yoga Instructor in Vinyasa, and Tantric-Kundalini,

I am also an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Bringing it all together birthed Shakti Diva Ayurvedic Products. 


My mother was born in Guyana, and my father was of Irish- Italian descent. 

I have medicine in my blood. I am the great-granddaughter of an Indian Pandit.

I've followed an Ayurvedic lifestyle since childhood and practiced Ancient Tantric Yoga from very young.

My great grandfather knew by the alignment of the stars, according to Vedic Astrology, that I was here to help reawaken the world with my ancient energetic healing ability. This ability called Shaktipat sparks your kundalini and activates your DNA, which in return clears all chakras. It enables you to remember who you are and connects you back to your soul where your gifts await.

Everyone experiences this differently. Many become intuitive and can tap into other dimensions; some speak the mother language, while others become healers, and some feel peace. 


My curiosity about this gift lead me to branch out into a wide array of spiritual studies and healing practices.

Today, I'm finding great pleasure mixing my lineages and creating my unique magick and in addition to

Shakti Diva Products and teaching Kama Sutra and Tantric practices. 

I do personalized Vedic Charts and customized Jyotish Jewelry.

I perform healing sessions, give Shaktipat,, and offer certification courses for those interested in learning

Kama Sutra and authentic Tantra. 


P.s. even though this is authentic Tantra, it is catered and can be applied for todays modern times.

I have many new friends here, and I'm planning on bringing you on many new adventures.

Thank you for visiting. 

Heal. Love. Journey,,

In health and abundance,,

Alisa Misra

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