October 18-28th, 2022

Bali Rite of Passage 

consecrate your divine feminine and claim your High Priestess

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Do you feel Mama Bali and her seductive lure? 

Alisa and Ela are feeling her in every fiber of their being. 

Her waters flowing through our blood and bodies, rippling our souls in

complete ecstasy. 


Graciously invited to Mama Bali with permission from Mira, a Balinese Priestess,

and with this acceptance, may we honor Bali's Indigenous

rightful stewards and the spiraling LOVE and swirling soul expansion Mama Bali offers.  


We can only bring along with us 10 women.


This rite of passage is a journey to go deep within yourself, inviting the sacred feminine in and allowing her to clear, activate, recharge, and nourish you. 

So many of us force Kundalini Shakti when all you have to do is call her in to flow through you. 


Aim Kleem Souh. 


Trust this rite of passage through the High Priest and Priestesses of the Bali Temples and Bali Water Temples as they initiate you.

Liberate yourself and become fully embodied with your soul's purpose


Alisa and Ela will also guide you through with high integrity, high vibration, and yet humbling Tantric and Aztec practices. 

Cleansing, tools, sisterhood, and memories you can take home.


This offering is for the POWERFUL who feel ready to deepen their connection to their soul, the sovereign, who crave evolved sisterhood, self-love, and self-care. 

A call for the High Priestesses OF OUR TIMES!



Anoint in Mother Bali

consecrate your divine feminine and claim your High Priestess

October 18-28th ,2022

Day 1: 

Welcoming Balinese Ritual with the Priest at our Resort.


We will visit Sudamala Water Temple and have a Holy Water blessing ritual conducted by a Balinese Priestess/Priest.

Many go to Sudamala Water Temple but cannot receive a ritual (Melukat) from the Priestess/Priest. Sudamala washes away confusion and concerns, opens all your chakras, and spins a spiritual awakening. 

The waters of Sudamala are also said to cure illnesses, cleanse the aura and remove troublesome mala spirits.


We'll enjoy the rest of the day at the Waterfall. 


Day 2:

Moon Temple and Ritual with Priestess/Priest

Legend has it that we had two moons, and one fell from the sky, creating the largest single-cast drum in the world. Here we will find this Moon, embrace her (most say him), and call in her energies to activate the Chandrakalas in our bodies and awaken erogenous zones or just simple Moon points all around our bodies.


Later we will visit a Healer specializing in bone healing massage. Expect a full-on alignment and nadis activation. There is an aura, and body reading included.



Day 3: 

Pura Tanah Kilap is a women's temple with women Priestesses. Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, the generous goddess, resides there. She is known to the community as a goddess who often leads people who are confused and looking for the truth. The people believe Ida Ratu Niang Sakti will be close to the people who serve in the path of dharma. We will be in ritual with the Priestesses there.


We will then visit Uluwatu Temple, known for protecting Bali, and those that visit from Evil. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — merge here. 

We will get to witness beautiful Balinese Monkies at play!


We will close the night with a Bali Beach Ritual.


Day 4: 

We will visit the Priestess/ Priest Bell Maker. 

Only high Priestess and Priest have their bells made by him, and only High Priestess and Priest receive a bell.


We will have an exclusive initiation and Water Ritual with Laughing Healing Priest.


Those that receive a bell will have a Bell Ritual to connect with their bell.


Day 5: 

Morning Circle, Rest, Rejuvenate, and Process


Balinese Kecak Dance


Day 6:  

We will be in ritual "Melukat" at the sacred Water Cave in Sala village Pura Taman Pecampuhan Sala. My heart is exploding with gratitude that this is being offered to us.

Please watch this clip


We will then visit Batur Temple, which sits at around 900 meters above sea level with the black lava-covered peak of Mount Batur looming in the background. Though it's not a lake temple, it essentially honors the goddess of the Batur caldera lake, Dewi Danu. She's known by local communities as the goddess of lakes and rivers and blesses the island and people who come to her with fertility, beauty, and water. Meaning she blesses you with an overflow of beauty and abundance.


Day 7:

We will play with Dragon energy and activate our inner Shakti at Tapsai Temple, The Gates to Heaven.


We will then cool down at the beach 

with some snorkeling 


Day 8: 

We will take a boat ride to a small Island called Menjangan Island, where we will find the Temple of Lord Ganesha (my omie).

Here will be in ritual, making offerings and prayers. May Lord Ganesh open the Akasha, may he keep us grounded, and give us the keys to see through the illusion. 



Day 9: 

We will spend half the day receiving Balinese massages, enjoying our Resort, and being in sisterhood.


In the afternoon, we will go to Gunung Kawi Sebatu where we will find Goddess Saraswati for our last Water Ritual, "Melukat."

Goddess Saraswati is known to have created the whole universe by playing music. She is the goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning. May she shower her blessings/Shakti upon us.



Day 10:

The Priestess/Priest will come to our Resort for our final farewell Ritual to

Bless us before going back home. 

May we stand in our Priestessesness 

May our doors open, and May our hearts be content



Note: Melukat is just one of Bali's magickal rituals involving water as a ritual cleanser. The aim is to cleanse both body and mind and refresh the soul. It dissolves away any harmful influences, and I mean any, which includes negative entities. It is believed to cure non-medical diseases and sickness of the spirit.

Melukat derives from the old Javanese word "lukat" which means to "cleanse" or "purify" while the Indonesian meaning is "to let go" or release something within us.

Payments are non-refundable. Please be mindful, we are only holding space for 10 Priestesses. Your seat is being reserved therefore another cannot partake.


Anoint in Mother Bali

consecrate your divine feminine and claim your High Priestess

Early Bird Priestess Special 


Pay in full by July 16th

$4500 After July 16, 2022

We are offering payment plans. If you require a payment plan, please reach out to me ASAP.

All payments including payment plan must be paid in full by August 26th.