Chakra Box

The Chakra Monthly Box! 

The monthly box is available and coming your way! 

Now you can enjoy healing and activation all month long and never worry about running out of your favorite.

A self-love ritual that clears energizes and activates each chakra vortex awakening the five senses. 

Each box is an inner self-journey dedicated to the seven main chakras. 

It allows Shakti (Energy) to rise and meet Shiva (Consciousness).

An inner-tantra puja that prepares us for more deep levels of a sacred union within ourselves which focuses on balancing the flows of our masculine and feminine energy. When the two divine polarities meet energetically in each chakra, we experience ecstatic inner alchemy that lifts the vibration of each chakra into resonance with creation, opening us to our highest potential on every level of our lives. 

1 Chakra Body Soap

1 Chakra Deodorant

1 Half Size Body Butter

1 Half Size Body Oil

1 Chakra tea and/or Chakra Jewelry

1 Ritual

$35.00 a month


Face Box

Ayurvedic Face

Face Boxes are personalized according to your dosha they include a full size Tripura Sundari 24kt Gold Face Cream,  24kt gold Face Exfoliator,  Face Bar, Tea and/or a Surprise

1 Tripura Sundari Gold Face Cream $45.00

1 24kt gold Face Exfoliator, $35.00

1 Face Soap $16.50

1 Eye of Fatima Ghee Eye Cream $25.00


$55.00 every other month


Hair Box

Ayurvedic Hair

Hair Boxes like Chakra Boxes are Tri-Dosha they include a full size Shampoo, Hair Oil, Hair Mist, Tea and/or a Surprise. Our hair products are basically hair food. Enjoy long full hair in no time. 


1 Ayurveda Miracle Hair Grow Oil $35.00

1 Ayurvedic Miracle Hair Shampoo $27.00

1 Ayurveda Miracle Hair Mist $25.00

1 Ayurvedic Hair Tea $25.00

$55.00 every other month

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