Hindu Wedding Ritual

Couples Rekindle

A Tantric Zoom Ceremony

Couples Rekindle

A Tantric Zoom Ceremony


Feb 12th, 6 pm EST


We will dive deep into our inner-child shadows or triggers that play repeat in our Sacred Relationship. 

You’ll receive tools to navigate and nurture yourself while holding a container TOGETHER as a Sacred Couple.


We will explore how to stay present in the burn of relationships and transform what holds us back from more profound levels of love, intimacy, and fully embodying our orgasmic self.

You will learn practices that you can use with your partner in your own time in the privacy of your sanctuary to enhance your sacred union and create space for deep healing and communication.


This Tantrik Ceremony is held by a lineage holder and beneficial for couples desiring to take it a step further by connecting on a deeper spiritual level. 


All this while releasing barriers that hold us back from LOVE.


From there, we will be practicing some SEX MAGICK

* Couples Ceremony 

* The 5 senses (scent, touch, sight, sound, and taste)

* 3-5 Kamasutra techniques

* Tantrik Shamanik Journey 


There will be no nudity or direct sexual contact.



Before you book, please email me right away for availability.

It books up pretty fast. I like very intimate groups and only work with 10 couples per ceremony.

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term referring to the process of transmitting spiritual energy from one person to another. This energy can be transmitted in a number of ways: by touch, through a mantra, with a look, through a sacred word or by thought. It can also be transmitted over distance through an object.

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