New Year

More Love,More Money Transmission!

Hemavanti, Tantric- Ayurvedic Lineage Holder and Founder of

Shakti Diva Products invites you to a Zoom Transmission this January 3, 2020, at 7 pm to receive a very special Shaktipat that includes fork tuning and crystal bowl healing. 


A triple combo to start the New Year right!


The Shaktipat giving is a love-money-conscious transmission. 

The energy will decode and remove any ancestral, subconscious blocks in your way of manifesting goals, opportunities, and achievements with love and money. 


All you have to do is set your intention, allow the Shaktipat (energy) to move through you as the body surrenders what no longer serves it just by laying in savasana. The mind and heart will energize as we bathe in the sacred sounds. Clearing the way to bring forth love, monies, and the life you envision for yourself for the upcoming year.


ZOOM MEETING- January 3, 2020 at 7pm

After "Booking" a zoom invitation will be emailed to you.



Shakti Daana $11.00

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term referring to the process of transmitting spiritual energy from one person to another. This energy can be transmitted in a number of ways: by touch, through a mantra, with a look, through a sacred word or by thought. It can also be transmitted over distance through an object.

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