Made for Ayurvedic Tantrik Magickal kids ages 3 and up. 

Keep your kids protected and cleansed in all realms with wholesome ayurvedic organic products. 


Nourish their skin 

It’s the only vehicle they will have in this lifetime 


There’s something really empowering and rewarding for kids when they have a self-care ritual. They learn early to treat their bodies with love and respect. There is a level of self- confidence and self-love that vibrates off and onto others. Their aura becomes a shield of light. They walk the path of wholeness and virtue. Leaving you both with a sense of ease that they know right and will be alright. 



Notes of powdery dragon blood and chamomile 

Infused with organic almond oil, sesame oil, pomegranate oil, rosehip oil, neem oil, Enchanted with Shakti Diva’s Ayur- Kiddo Fragrance. Infused with Shaktipat 


Ayur-Kiddo Soap icludes all ingredients above plus sorbitol; sodium cocoate; propylene glycol; sodium stearate; glycerin; cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit juice; titanium dioxide. 





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