Chakra Body Oils

Ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil,

Organic Pomegranate Oil, and Organic Aloe Oil 

Shakti Diva’s Organic Chakra Fragrance Blend.  

Each Chakra Body Oil has it's own specific Shaktipat scent that caters to that individual chakra.

Chakra Body Oils

  • Clear, balance and energize a chakra at a time all while nourishing your skin. Try one or all seven. A great add on to our Chakra Soaps. Now you can indulge in your specific Chakra's aroma all day and night.

  • Smooth silky skin with a touch of aromas.

    The chakra series body oil blend awakens your chakras.

    All while nourishing your skin.

    The oil blend is known to be the fountain of youth from the gods. 

    It also prevents ache and strecth marks.

    P.S. It can be used as an hair oil.