Enchanted Diyas

Why offer a simple diya when you can Magnetize it with Shaktified intentions 


Theses are enchanted to provide a overflow of health, protection, love, and financial abundance 


You will receive 12 Enchanted Diyas


Can be used as offerings, in spells, or as you wish. 

Take a min or two to really sit and hold your Diya, speak to your diya, set your intention, offer it to whom or what you wish, and allow it to unfold 


Infused with tantric mantras and a masala of: 

Devils Claw Root - for purifying, protecting, and banishing what no longer serves you

Black Snake Root- awakens Shakti, strengthens, protects, slithery, and sexy 

Calamus Root- self mastery, kundalini activation, power, love, and luck 

Orris Root- love, passion, romance 

Fenugreek- grounding, healing, happiness, prosperity, protection 

Cinnamon- spirituality, living life to the fullest, abundance 

Clove- banishing unwanted energies, clears the mind, protection, bringing forth love and wealth 

Nutmeg- meditative, clairvoyance, helps to tap into your third eye, good luck, abundance 

Black Sesame Seeds- ancestors, abundance, fruitful adventures 

Lotus Leaves- inner peace, harmony, love, attracts fortunes, opens 3rd eye, protection 

Bay Leaves- psychic powers, purification, protection, wish granter, 

Hibiscus- dreams, love, passion 

Sandalwood- healing and aligning chakras, protection, banish unwanted energies, wish granter, improves concentration

Jasmine- bring health to your aura, prophetic dreams, psychic protection, attracts love and money 

Rose- love, beauty, harmony, protection, luck, honoring the feminine monthly cycle 

Himalayan Pink Salt- releases psychic charge (intention), clears aura and burdens, wish granter 

Sugar- sweetens life and makes everything a delight 

Chaste Berry- all things feminine, protection, balances deep body rhythms, creativity

Patchouly- connects to ancestors, love, passion, wealth, protection 

Datura- magnetizing ritual- magick, astral travel, 3rd eye opener, seeing through the veil, reveals your gifts 

Dragon Blood- magnetizing ritual-magick, protection, banishing unwanted energies, manifestion, love, healing 


Shaktified with Shaktipat



Enchanted Diyas