Kali Chirmi Beads Mala

Chirmi beads are considered very lucky from ancient times. These naturaly grown beads are found in forest of Aravali Mountains, India and are believed to be many hundred years old. It is said the bead itself will choose its owner and will not stay with an unlucky person. They bring luck, worldly gains- both romantic and material. They ward off evil and black magic, & protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves. These are considered very powerful in hinduism. Often these are not easy to find and as a common practice many fake items are sold in the name of chirmi by many websites and sellers. Black Chirmi represents Maa Kali ,These beads can be worn or kept in Lockers, money safe, cash box, handbag, purse, altar.

* Yellow colured glass spacers have been used in between beads. Colour of beads - Reddish black total number of beads in mala - 108+1. 


I only have 3 of theses left. They have been energized on Navratri in India at Maha Kali Mandir.

Kali Chirmi Beads Mala

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