Kali Salt

Want a “go to” for protection, cleansing negative energies and banishing? 

Then Kali Salt (witches black salt- vedic style) should be added to your magickal cupboard. Infused with Cardamon, Cinnamon, Clove,

Ginger, Cumin, Black pepper, Bay leaves, Camphor, Turmeric, Yarrow, and Dragon Blood. Enchanted with Shakti Diva's Kali Salt Fragrance.

When used properly, this mineral becomes a powerful ally for your spells, potions and powders.


Anything colored black, when used in magick and ritual, traditionally corresponds to:


  • Protection
  • Absorbing or removing negativity
  • Banishing
  • Releasing
  • Reversing


Getting an enemy to leave: 

Toss Kali Salt where an enemy walks so that he or she will leave.

Alternately you can sprinkle some in your enemies shoes.


Protections: Use Kali Salt and sprinkle it around your home or ritual circle. This creates a protective barrier that allows no harm to enter.


Absorbing and removing unwanted and negative energies: In any area that has unwanted or negative energies place a bowl of, or create a ring with Kali Salt. Allow the salt to sit for at least 9 to 24 hour while It pulls in all of the energies. Using gloves so you don’t come into contact with the salt, clean up all of the salt. Dispose of it off your property if possible or wrap it securely in black paper and place in your garbage can.


Kali Salt is shaktified with shaktipat!

4 oz 

Kali Salt