Shakti Diva’s kumkum is made with organic herbs of: sandalwood, turmeric, and slaked lime (sindoor). We added organic bay leaves, lavender, jasmine, rose petals, and lillies. Infused with a sacred ancient tantric fragrance fueled with shaktipat. 

You may use for spells, rituals and ceremonies. After you can anoint your third eye. 


Why Kumkum ? 


The Ajna chakra is linked to intuition, creativity, spiritual awareness, visualization, wisdom, intellect, and understanding. Applying kumkum on third eye protects the ajna chakra, vishuddhi chakra, and sahasrara chakra from negative outside influences.


There is a flow of divine consciousness from the kumkum which forms a protective sheath around the woman and/or man protecting her/ him from all negativity.


Kumkum detoxes the ajna chakra,  relieves headaches, clears sinuses, improves vision, keeps your skin youthful, prevents depression, improves hearing, relieves stress, relieves eye strain, relieves fatigue, relieves insomnia, promotes restful sleep, boosts memory, and concentration


The pituitary gland  is situated behind the Ajna Chakra. The pituitary gland is the master gland and controls the function of all other glands in our body. When the pituitary gland is balanced and working, our body is in balance. Touching this area daily and stimulating it for few seconds helps to keep everything functioning and woke.


2 oz