Lapis Naga Ring

Lapis the stone of the royalist protected by her two serpents whom we can interpret as Naga & Nagini or Shiva & Shakti or Pingala & Ida


Lapis is known for protection. It repels psychic attacks, brings deep peace, harmony, reveals inner truth, honesty, compassion, keeping one in a good mood, self-awareness, and self-expression. 


Lapis balances the male and female aspects of our personality which channels in the inner king and queen. Giving us a way of weaving in and out of the 3 worlds with perfect balance and integrity. 


Based on Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the lord of Lapis which means instead of a Blue Sapphire, you can wear Lapis. This will give the wearer auspicious effects of Saturn. 


What’s nice about Lapis is that it is suitable for everyone! 


One of the best stones for your Third-Eye Chakra. Lapis is known as the mind's eye or inner eye or source consciousness. Lapis provides perception beyond normal sight.


A wisdom stone like Lapis won’t be complete with out the throat chakra being associated with it. This helps you to communicate what you feel inside, it gives you a knowing of your inner truth (as well as others), it helps you to express it with confidence, softness, and clarity. 


Shakti Diva Jyotish Jewelry are custom-made according to Jyotish guidelines. We also perform an additional puja to sync you and gem/gems/jewelry. 

These rings will have a extra honoring naga puja thus you will receive potent snake medicine, protection, and magick. Which will magnify your lapis benefits even more.


I only have 8 lapis for this naga ring which comes in silver, 14kt gold, and 18kt gold. Please choose your metal. Once the 8th Lapis is adopted. This ring will no longer be featured on our site. Consider it a orginal, one of it's kind, that only 8 souls (ppl) will have. 


May it serve it's steward well 

om tat sat

Lapis Naga Ring