Maha Kali Kavach

Have Maha Kali's Shakti with you at all times. A very auspicious Kavach which brings a life of abundance, opening the doors to opportunity, bringing your worldly dreams to fruition. It removes personal fear, clouds of uncertainty and gives you a successful life. Maha Kali Kavach protects you from all harm. It is ideal for giving you protection against the effect of Dark Entities, Evil Eye (Buri Najar) and Black Magic. Maha Kali Kavach brings peace and happiness in relationships. It is believed that wearing of Maha Kali Kavach by husband and/or wife leads to harmony, peace and prosperity in their marriage. Maha Kali Kavach is equally effective to cure broken relationship between a husband and wife or between Soul Mates/ Twin Flames. It may attract the opposite sex i.e the man or the woman whom you have fallen in love with.


Made of Sterling Silver 


Maha Kali Kavach are made in a personalized way and in individual's name completely manually through rigorous spiritual procedures. It takes time to prepare a single Kavach. However, it is the proper way. It takes nearly 1-2 weeks for making a single ENERGIZED & ACTIVATED Kavach. 


Please provide your name, date of birth, time and place of birth in notes when checking out. 

Maha Kali Kavach