Naga Yantra Pendant

Nagas are seen on many Hindu gods and goddesses. 

Nagas are serpent-like demigods who are the divine guardians of Mama Gaia (Earth) and all that she is. 


Naga Yantra Pendants are custom-made per individual. A sacred Naga Puja is performed for you while making this pendant, initiating you into Naga Magick. 


When the proper Tantrik guidelines are followed, the wearer receives material as well as spiritual fulfilments (Siddhis). 

One gains occult powers, spiritual knowledge, protection (bite your enemies), and worldly wealth beyond comprehension.


Naga Lovers tap into the unknown universal secrets and wear your amulet with pride. You are Naga! 


18kt Gold, 14kt Gold, or Silver 


The various curves in this Yantra symbolize the eight Nagas and their divine Consorts. 


Situated at the center is Naag Sesha and his Queen. Some say this is Shiva-Shakti.


A auspicious time, day, and mantra will be given to you. It's important to follow these sacred instructions before wearing your pendant 


Chain not included

Naga Yantra Pendant