Root Chakra Soap Bar

Ingredients: Organic Neem Oil; Organic Aloe Oil; Purified Water; Organic Red Mica; Sodium Hydroxide; Shakti Diva’s Organic Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend and Himalayan Salt. Infused with Shaktipat.


Root Chakra Soap Bar

  • Wash body as normal.


    Store your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from excessive heat and humidity. To maximize the life of your soap, keep it in a well-drained soap dish so it can dry between uses. As all natural soaps age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost over time, especially from the surface. But it will be there when you lather up!  Over time, natural color may also fade. Our soaps are best used with gloves or wash clothes.

  • Muladhara is considered by many to be the most important Chakra because it is the Chakra that connects us to our physical world. If you are not properly grounded (or rooted into the ground) you simply can not balance the other chakras properly. Located at the base of our spine, it is the root chakra that governs over our physical energies, giving us a sense of safety and security with other people and ourselves.

    Number of petals: 4

    Location: Base of the spine

    Name: Foundation

    Plane: Physical plane

    Sense Organ: Nose

    Work Organ: Anus

    Sense: Smell

    Element: Earth

    Shape: Square

    Sound: Lam

    Affirmation:  I am safe in the world around me. I belong in this world and am a part of Gaia (mother-earth). I am at peace with my surroundings, with the people and the events that occur.

    Balanced Root Chakra: You will feel secure in your world and daily tasks will seem effortless. You will not have any doubts about your place in the world and things will work for you, whether it be with relationships, money or with a career. You will work with the world and not against it.