Seductress Body Butter

A Seductress is in her full power and knows actually what she’s doing. She’s weaving and drawing in all her desires, pleasures, and is in full ecstasy in all things she brings forth.


You’re either in her game or not

You either wanna play or not

Either way, she’s weaving her play exactly the way she wants it




Infused with Organic Moringa Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Pomergranate Oil, Aloe Oil, Aloe Gel, Blue Lotus, Fig, 24kt Gold Colloidal, and Candelilla wax 

Enchanted with mantra and Shakti Diva’s Seductress Fragrance.

Infused with Shaktipat 



(a little goes a long way. One month usage)


Seductress Body Butter