Serpent Sorceress

Upon your wrist resides slithery kundalini activations opening all your chakras into complete bliss within and below you will rise up to receive tantric downloads full of occult knowledge, sex magick, the all-seeing, all-knowing sliding around your wrist. The protection and knowledge of the Nagas, even the gods and goddesses, would beg for.


What a gift!


Your Serpent Sorceress Bangle will have an extra honoring Naga puja just for you. Thus, you will receive potent snake medicine from Naga Loka. Bringing forth in whichever world you decide- in all 3 worlds or just 1.


Can you carry so much Shakti on a wrist?

I know, I can...


Shakti Diva Jyotish Jewelry are custom-made according to Jyotish guidelines. We also perform an additional puja to sync you and gem/gems/jewelry. 


May it serve it's steward well 

om tat sat

Serpent Sorceress