Shakti Alchemy Exfoliating Soap

Shakti is that creative voice, the knowing voice, that inner 

goddess that knows all. Shakti is everything and anything. 

Shakti is love, knowing what you want and manifesting it. 

Shakti radiates from our heart center, from Anahata. 

Shakti is our femininity, our grace, our projections, and 

our sexuality. 

You are Shakti (Energy) and it’s time to live it. 

Create the life you wish by feeling it so deeply that you 

breathe prana into it. 

After all, you are the creator of your field.


Shakti Alchemy Exfoliating Soap is made with Epson Salt, Himalayan Salt and is alchemized with Organic Pomegranate Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Argan Oil, and

Shakti Diva’s Shakti Alchemy Organic Fragrance Oil Blend.

Indulge in the aromas of orange, patchouli, ylang ylang, deepened with the sensual and gaialitic scent of amber.

Infused with Shaktipat for a divine experience.


Let the internal and outward alchemy begin!


Shakti Alchemy Exfoliating Soap

  • Wash body as normal.


    Store your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from excessive heat and humidity. To maximize the life of your soap, keep it in a well-drained soap dish so it can dry between uses. As all natural soaps age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost over time, especially from the surface. But it will be there when you lather up!  Over time, natural color may also fade. Our soaps are best used with gloves or wash clothes.