Shakti Diva 18kt. Gold Ring

Having a balanced right and left side brain is the only way to manifest a lifestyle that only a Shakti Diva can obtain. Activate and awaken your true potential. This ring is a reminder to enjoy and appreciate everything that comes our way, to be in pleasure, to play, to relax, to breath and to be in every moment as if it was the first time. Show the world that YOU ARE A SHAKTI DIVA and represent your birth right. When the triangle point is faced down it means Shakti, mother goddess and the essence of the element earth. When the point is turned upwards it means Shiva or Vayu (meaning the Purifier) and 'Prāna' "breathing" (the breath of life). All products are organic and energized with Shaktipat. Rings are custom made and can be any size. If you do not see your size. Just ask and you will receive.

Shakti Diva 18kt. Gold Ring

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