Siddhi is someone who has complete understanding and enlightment.

One who has paranormal powers.  


This Essential Perfime is a Tantric Puja!

The Siddhis of India use a very similar herbal powder as a deodorant.

This formula works well with one's own natural chemistry. It creates a unique sensual scent specific to the individual. The essential oils used are considered to be the same vibrational resonance as the Goddess Lakshmi.

Siddhi Essential Perfume can be a great tool for meditating and yoga as it guides you inward and brings clarity. It brightens your mood and attracts all good things in life.

Rice bran oil infused with Shakti Diva's Siddhi Essential Oil Blend. 

Can rub on wrist, vision board, and candles.

All products are organic and energized with Shaktipat.