Sorceress Bath Salt

I was inspired and foremost called to create a Ayurvedic Salt Bath representing Kali Kula initiation and here it is. 


I am a Vedic Sorceress

With rhymes and reasons.

I am a changeling like the seasons.

My mother is the Moon,

My father is the Sun,

With Lord Ganesh my doors are open 

Knowledge of the Akasha are a boon.

With Lord Shiva, my lover, my third eye has no bound.

With Ma Kali I am liberated, I create and destroy. 

With Goddess Earth (Sati who is Kali) , her and I are one,


I am a Tantrika, a Kali- Shakta child.

I am spirit wild

She grows within me, flows within me,

Meandering like a spellbound stream,

Enchanting my every waking dream.


I breathe the air of liberation,

I tend the fire of transformation,

I drink the water of creation,

Earth-magick is my conjuration.


I am a Vedic Sorceress, a Tantrika of shadow and light,

I will show you who you are 

Either you fight or have delight. 

I am a Vedic Sorceress, life after life, 

I shall pass the seed.



Sorceress Bath Salt

  • Organic Himalayan Salt, Organic Epsom Salt, Organic Baking Soda, Organic Citric Acid, Organic Coconut Powder Milk, Organic Honey, Organic Lime, Organic Roses, Organic Bay Leaves, Organic Herbaceous, Organic Kumkum infused with Shakti Diva's Sorceress Fragrance activated with Shaktipat.

    4oz - use 1-3 tbs per bath