Tantra Body Butter

There is only one primordial force enlivening in anything 

and everything, that force is the Divine.

You are the embodiment of this energy.  

Worship yourself, worship your lover, worship each other.

Perfect for getting in the mood, perfect for feeling sensual, sexy

and a live.

Infused with Shaktipat for a divine experience.

The scent is intoxicating!



Ingredients: Organic Almond Oil; Organic Sesame Seed Oil; 

Organic Argan Oil; Organic Pomergrate Oil; Organic Soy;

Organic Cocoa Butter; Organic Shea Butter; Organic Aloe Gel

and Shakti Diva’s Organic Tantra Fragrance Blend infused with Shaktipat. 


4oz very concentrated- Should last 1.5 months

Tantra Body Butter