Throat Chakra Soap Bar

Ingredients: Organic Neem Oil; Organic Aloe Oil; Purified Water; Organic Blue Mica; Sodium Hydroxide; Shakti Diva’s Organic Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend and Himalayan Salt. Infused with Shaktipat.


Throat Chakra Soap Bar

  • Wash body as normal.


    Store your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from excessive heat and humidity. To maximize the life of your soap, keep it in a well-drained soap dish so it can dry between uses. As all natural soaps age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost over time, especially from the surface. But it will be there when you lather up!  Over time, natural color may also fade. Our soaps are best used with gloves or wash clothes.

  • Vishuddha is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. Its balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. It is through this chakra that we speak our choices and through this, we discover that our choices, no matter how small or unimportant that they may seem, have consequences.

    Number of petals: 16

    Location: Behind the throat

    Name: Pure

    Plane: Human plane

    Sense Organ: Ears

    Work Organ: vocal cords

    Sense: Hearing

    Element: Ether

    Shape: Crescent

    Sound: Ham

    Affirmation: I speak freely and with confidence. It is now safe for me to express my feelings and to create the life I desire. Everything I do is an expression of Love.

    Balanced Throat Chakra: You will have no problem expressing yourself in the world. You will be very creative, helpful, and may be good at offering people sound advice when it is asked for. You know what you want out of life and you are not afraid to ask for it, and what you ask for always seems to come to you with no, or little effort on your part. You are not afraid to express your weaknesses and people respect you for this. You are truly free when you can speak your truth.