Turquoise Ring

This Turquoise is 11 carats and it is set in 18kt gold. All Jyotish jewelry is custom made. I am more than happy to work within your budget. If you need a Vedic Astrology reading with gem recommendation please email me.  

Note: we select our stones from a many sources all meeting Jyotish standards.


Turquoise can be used in replacement of Yellow Sapphire who represents planet Jupiter.


Here's some information I found on Gem Pundit:


Since centuries, Turquoise or Firoza gemstone is prized for its metaphysical and healing properties. It is regarded as a sacred stone for jewellery that brings positivity, happiness, luck, wealth and good health in the wearer’s life.

  • Success in Academics & Creative Career

     – Since Jupiter rules knowledge, Turquoise gemstone (Feroza stone) is trusted for bringing huge benefits for people associated with education or learning field, such as scholars, researchers, lawyers, teachers etc. According to the belief, Turquoise benefits the wearer by improving their decision-making skills and thinking ability.
  • Better Financial Status & Social Upliftment

     – In vedic astrology, Turquoise gemstone relates to wealth and prosperity. Astrologers place trust in Turquoise metaphysical abilities for bringing financial stability in the native’s life. It is believed that wearing Turquoise stone positively effects the wearer’s social status and lifestyle.  
  • Cures Liver & Lung Disorders

     – Since antiquity, the healing properties of Turquoise is effective for people suffering from kidney, liver or immune relative ailments. Even the new age gem healers place deep faith in Turquoise healing properties for getting relief from diseases like jaundice, tuberculosis, diabetes etc.

Turquoise Ring

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