Shiva-Shakti Twin Flame Heart

Keep your heart safe at your alter or give it to your lover.


Shiva- Shakti Twin Flame Heart infused with Black Tourmaline, 

Lodestone, Rose Quartz, Adventure, Amethyst, 2 Mukhi Rudraksha (Shiva-Shakti), Shiva Shakti Yantra, Shiva Shakti Union Mantra, Rose of Jericho, 2 Rose Petals, 2 Rose Thorns (for protection as well), 2 Cinnamon Barks, assorted flowers. And obviously magick with the whispers of the sacred lineage mantras of Shiva Shakti in your name all inside.


*Will bless current Martial Relationship

(bringing harmony and romance- if it's truly your twin flame)

*Will bring forth Twin- Flame/ Soul Mate (like now)

*Balances your internal romance within yourself merging Shiva-Shakti and/or left- right side of brain. (becoming Shiva-Shakti aka Siddhi powers)


This is a scared powerful tool, it is recommended to give offerings to your heart. Whatever you feel called to give is fine ex. a candle, flowers, incense, wine?!.

Talk to your heart, nuture your heart, ask your heart what it desires, and watch it unfold. 


Please remember free will- in other words do not try to will someone into loving you, allow the universe (Shiva- Shakti) to do their thing. 


Shiva- Shakti Twin Flame heart is custom made in your honor.

Each heart takes on its on life. Therefore, each one is different.

You will receive one heart.

Shiva-Shakti Twin Flame Heart