"Wise Woman" Yoni Massage Oil

"Wise Woman" Yoni Massage Oil is for protection. It's also suitable for women who are menopausing. You do not need to be going through menopause to use this yoni massage oil. It's good for auru protection and empaths. It helps to reduce symptoms related to estrogen loss. It's anti-depressant, aphrodisiac an helps with better sleep. A spiritual cleanser that stimulates, strengtens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles. It is also a pelvic and unterine relaxant that soothes the yoni tissues.


Shakti Diva's Yoni Organic Herbs have been activated in our Ma Kali family Mandir/ Temple with loving Shaktipat intent. They have now been infused in pomegrante seed oil and lightly scented with Organic Shakti Diva's "Wise Woman" Yoni Massage Oil fragrance blend for your yoni care regiment.


Perfect for yoni self massage, yoni egg practice and yoni wand massage. 


Also excellent for Tantric Couples 


Set an intention for cleansing and protection... 



"Wise Woman" Yoni Massage Oil