"Release" Yoni Massage Oil

"Release" Yoni Massage Oil is for pre-menstrual and inner balance. It helps to ease fatigue, cramps, aids in relaxation, promotes suppressed menses, stimulates uterine, increases circulation to the reproductive organs, cleanses, lessens inflammation, soothes the yoni tissues. It helps you face your shadow and releases what no longer serves you. This could be a toxic relationship, a repeated habit or negativity around you.


Shakti Diva's Yoni Organic Herbs have been activated in our Ma Kali family Mandir/ Temple with loving Shaktipat intent. They have now been infused in pomegrante seed oil and lightly scented with Organic Shakti Diva's "Release" Yoni Massage Oil fragrance blend for your yoni care regiment.


Perfect for yoni self massage, yoni egg practice and yoni wand massage. 


Also excellent for Tantric Couples 


Set an intention to release what longer serves you... 



"Release" Yoni Massage Oil