Yonified Yoni Steam

"Yonified" Yoni Steam removes all hexes, evil eyes, gossip, and dark entities. Clearing all Nadis and activating your Kundalini Shakti. Bringing you back to your true self where you then can manifest in all things that align. Attracting in a abundance of Mental and Physical Health and Spiritual and Worldly Wealth. 


Organic ingredients of: Agrimony, Shatavari, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Chasteberry, Tulsi, Cloves, Bay Leaves, Blue Lotus, Rose, Calendula, Dandelion Root, Chamomile, Cinnamon, and Cardamon. 


Activated with Tantric Mantras and Shaktipat

This is as powerful Tantric Magick 

Yonified Yoni Steam