OMG! I'm going to be 40!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So it finally happened, I'm 40. I feel the same and well I look mostly the same except my face has more bone structure less baby fat and maybe a line or two. I do have to dye my hair. I've counted about 20 grays. The universe is funny. Maybe it knows I secretly wish I could turn back time and live it all over with the hopes of the knowledge I have today. 

My self realization, evaluation and wisdom on my 40th birthday? I'm glad you asked:


1. I'm more laid back 
2. Less angry at the world 
3. Don't care what others think of me. I dance to my own drum beat. 
4. Not impressed anymore with worldly things 
5. I love yoga pants and sweat pants 
6. I still want and enjoy sex 
7. Always focus on the good stuff, only talk about the good stuff. It brings more good stuff. 
8. I live and die for my two boys
9. I wanna run away to Bali and live there
10. I use to look for others to give me self worth. Now I know my worth.
11. I realized that I can't take anything with me so enjoy it now 
12. The world doesn't come to an end because it didn't happen when I wanted. Besides when it does happen, I'm on the next project and it's a bonus.  
13. Family "IS" important. I never use to feel this way cause mine was so screwed up. It's funny how time heals wounds and how time changes some people
14. I actually cook more 
15. I love friends coming over rather than going out 
16. My feet are still always cold 
17. Noticed some aging on my hands. It might be cause it's cold outside and my vata is kicking in, therefore dry.
18. Not interested in gossip 
19. Can't stand someone cutting me off when I'm talking 
20. Can't stand a know it all 
21. More aware less naive 
22. Not "as" judgmental
23. Still a rebel, gypsy, warrior, hippy 
24. Found my purpose 
25. Love myself more today then I did back then
26. I now know I still don't know everything 
27. I understand people come and go 
28. I understand I write my own life script 
29. I understand that staying positive is key 
30. I no longer allow others to make my own decisions
31. I see the bigger picture 
32. I never let anyone pop my bubble and tell me I can't. I show them I can. 
33. Love is most powerful. All things are accomplished through love. All relationships last on true love. Love yourself and the others will follow. Love what you doing and the money will follow. 
34. Meditation is my medication  
35. Yoga brings energy to the body
36. Ayurveda prevents disease, cures disease and keeps you balanced.  
37. Reiki relaxes you and clears your channels 
38. Tantra is your connection to the universe and all living beings on earth.
39. Drink green tea. It will keep you looking young. When I was in my 20's a Japanese wiseman in his 60's that looked 30 told me his secret. Today I'm 40 with a 18 year old son and a 14 month old son and I look 25. 
40. I am confident in my skin and who I am than I have ever been

I guess 40 isn't so bad after all. I think I'll be ok and rock this age for a bit. Who knows, maybe it's a second call to say namaste, a second call to follow through, a second call to spread the light, a second call to share my purpose, a second call to say I love you. 


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