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Kali Vidya
Tantra Training

I'm blowing my conch calling out to all Yoginis, Priestesses, Sacred Witches, and Spiritual Seekers!

I'm asking you to embrace and awaken your sensual feminine power that has been asleep for so long. Awaken, my dear sister!

You know something is missing. There has to be more to life, right!? Awaken, divine healer! Embrace your life experience.

You know you have to let go, to heal past wounds, to dance with your shadow and make everything anew. I also know this craving for connection that runs deep in your womb. This longing for a sisterhood that's unbreakable and with virtue. What if I told you all your worldly wishes "can" come true.


Kali Vidya Tantra Teacher Training is the forgotten tools used in ancient times that are now being reawaken moving forward in the 5th Dimension. Meaning our evolutions.


You will be guided into:

* Hands on receiving and giving a Ayurvedic Tantric Massage

* Embracing the Shadow

* Energetic Healing

* Connecting to Source, GAIA, your Ancestors, and your guides

* Kali Shakti Yoga Dance

* Tantric Manifestation

* Shakti Yoni Worship 

* Shiva Lingam Worship 

* Anatomy & Physiology

* Authentic Communication (speaking your truth)

* Connection Meditations

* Tantric Rituals

* The 5 Senses

* Balancing Shiva Shakti Energy

* How to Embody the Goddess

* Mudras

* Mantras

* Yantras

* Feminine Sensual Pranayama (breath work)

* Bandhas (energy locks)

* Chakra Balancing (identify and clearing blockages)

* Kundalini Activation

*Interpersonal Communication (engaging and growing with your sisters as you develop your abilities to honestly interact with yourself and others)

*Initiation into the first steps of “Sri Kali Vidya Vama Marga / KaliKula Tantra Traditions." 



This is for the Modern Yoginis, Priestesses, Sacred Witches, and Spiritual Seekers. I have taken our ancient traditions and have updated them for this era and time. We no longer need hours of rituals because we no longer live in a dense reality. I will only hold space for 9 women. It's important to me that a true connection to tantra and source is experienced. This is a very personal upgrade/ transformation. You deserve an all-inclusive healing touch, primarily through your kundalini awakening.

This is a 4 week Intensive Certification Course

Friday evenings 7-9pm 

Saturday 12-3pm

Sunday 12-3pm

Starting April 3, 2020


If you register and pay in full by 01-01-2020 it's $3000

you save $500


Deposit of $500 is to hold your spot, with balance due 3 weeks prior to Kali Vidya Tantra Teacher Training.

Weekly or monthly payment plans can be arranged.


Kali Vidya Tantra Teacher Training 

PAY IN FULL by January 1, 2020 

Get $500 off



Deposits are non- refundable.

Space is being hold for you which may exclude another



3 Easy payments. 

Initial Deposit Required