Tantrik Tent Time

Join me in the Catskills Mountain for a mini getaway.

During our stay, space will be held by a gorgeous "Hers"toric House.  

She gives off gypsy feels.  Shakti-Prink is what to be expected! 

We will sit or stand in circle and indulge in Ayurvedic- Tantric Practices. Sacredness you can take home and infuse in daily life. All ways to bring your MIND, BODY, and SOUL home to balance (Shiva-Shakti).

Together, hands-on, as (kulas) family, we will alchemize, and call in the 5 senses and elements into: 


Dosha Diagnosis

Ayurvedic Cooking

3 Ayurvedic- Tantric Practices 

Ayurvedic-Tantric Massage 

Ayurvedic- Tantric Chakra Rituals 

Fire Ceremony (to clear and bring in)

We will swim in secret local swimming holes

Individual Planetary Ritual- to take home

How to include Yantras to Magick

How to include Mudras to Magick


Somatic Dance

How to call in the Nagas and be a keeper

Naga ritual and Naga seals

Ganesh, Kali, and Shiva Puja (Ceremony)

You will also receive Shaktipat 



Check-in Friday, August 13

Departing Sunday, August 15, 2021

You will leave in a state of bliss, recharge, and Shaktified 

Hosting 10, 3 seats are already claimed

If you want in don't delay

Deposits and paid in fulls hold your Throne. They are non-refundable. Let's be mindful, we are holding sacred space which another could of had.

Deposit to Hold Space

Leaving a deposit 

I'll leave more in a week.

Hold my Throne!

I'm coming

Pay In Full

I’m all in and ready to get Ayurvedic and Tantrik upped!

Shaktified me up!