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Alisa Martin - Tantric Priestess

Hi, my name is Alisa and I would like to welcome to our sacred space, where the ancient wisdom of Tantra meets the transformative power of energy work. I am honored to introduce myself as a lineage holder in the profound practice of Tantra, dedicated to guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys.

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Experience Profound Healing with Shakti Diva's Services

Get Shaktified !

I invite you to embrace your own inner power as a fellow embodiment of Shakti (Feminine Energy). Allow me to present a diverse assortment of healing services specifically tailored to assist you in attaining both physical and emotional equilibrium. With my extensive expertise as a healer and priestess, I specialize in various practices such as Shirodhara, Stana Abhyanga, and Crystal Bowl Healing. Additionally, I offer transformative experiences like Women's Tantric-Somatic Circle, Shakti (Tantric) Yoga, and Shaktipat, all of which combine to create a holistic healing encounter unlike any other.

Become a Shakti Alchemy Healer

Shakti Alchemy Healers, the Tantrikas that delve in the realm of limitless possibilities will hear this hymn seducing their souls.

Are you yearning to expand your knowledge and unlock additional tools to nurture your inner healing and the healing of others? 

Do you feel there’s something missing or there’s more to Reiki or Energy Healing?


The Shakti Alchemy Healers training weaves a tapestry of wisdom and techniques, empowering you to guide others towards their healing with compassion and grace.

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