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Shakti Alchemy Healer

Shakti Alchemy Healers, the Tantrikas that delve in the realm of limitless possibilities will hear this hymn seducing their souls. The songs of the 10

wisdom Goddesses will beckon their hearts to explore and embrace these potent teachings that will awaken codes in all 51 energy centers and empower their journey towards self-healing and mastery. They will then use these tools to help others on their journey. A true Shakti Worker, a TRUE Tantrika! 


  • A channeling from the Matrikas - Kali speaks 

Become a Shakti Alchemy Healer

Are you yearning to expand your knowledge and unlock additional tools to nurture your inner healing and the healing of others? 

Do you feel there’s something missing or there’s more to Reiki or Energy Healing?


The Shakti Alchemy Healers training weaves a tapestry of wisdom and techniques, empowering you to guide others towards their healing with compassion and grace.


Embark on the 10 Wisdom Goddesses initiation where layers of your being are lovingly unmasked. With each opening, immerse yourself in profound transformation, shedding the limitations of the past. Through this initiation, you will receive universal mother codes and awaken to a renewed sense of joy, peace, and open-heartedness, elevating every facet of your existence. All assisted by the 10 wisdom goddesses.


Surrender to the profound symphony of effortless joy and peace that awaits you. Experience the magnificent dance of serenity and bliss that flows harmoniously through your life. Set yourself free from the burdens that weigh you down and immerse yourself in the luminous embrace of peace that envelopes your soul. Allowing yourself with her grace to attune Shakti Alchemy to others.


Embrace a life filled with love and compassion, embodied with an open heart. Radiate the profound beauty that springs forth from within. Let the currents of love and compassion flow through your being, nurturing not only yourself but also every soul you touch.


Release the stagnant emotions that linger in the depths of your being. Create a sacred space to liberate yourself and others from the chains of the past. Allow the powerful energy of 10 Wisdom Goddesses to flow in and up, creating space to expand with gentle trickles of love bumps beaming out through each energy vortex.


Cultivate an unshakable bond with the mystery, as you embark on this sacred Shakti Alchemy Training. Marvel at the depths of self-discovery and self-awareness that lie on the path. Deepen your connection with the divine, unearthing profound truths and aligning yourself with the radiant flow of universal wisdom.

This profound Shakti Alchemy Healer call is yours to answer. Nurture your desires to expand your knowledge, become a master of healing, embark on a transformative journey, experience boundless joy and peace, embrace love and compassion, release stagnant emotions, and deepen your spiritual connection. This training, a gateway to transformation, awaits your arrival. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to awaken your inner potential and embark on a luminous path of healing others.


Angela M.

Alisa is a gifted spiritual mentor, teacher, and guide. Her teachings have brought so much healing and positive energy to my life. She is the real deal, she embodies the goddess. When she speaks, you can hear the divine speaking directly to you. I would recommend her offerings to anyone! Thank you Alisa!


Rachel B

You will never a meet a more humble and down to earth woman like Alisa. She is woman of many trades one who encompasses so much wisdom. From the moment we met ten years ago, Alisa has influenced my life for the better. As a healer she has helped me overcome my long-term battle with depression and anxiety. She keeps it real, always encouraging and coaching me along the way. With her guidance I have received Shakti Alchemy Healer

1and 2 certifications and am now a practitioner. I must say with Alisa it was easy for me to let down my guard, because of her warm presence. You know she always has your best intentions at heart and each experience with her is always fulfilling. She is a great spiritual teacher aka My guru! lol. (our inside joke)

She doesn't like to be called guru nor does she suggest giving your power away.

Indian Woman

Rohini N

There's no words to describe the profoundness of this remarkable experience. All I can convey is that I've fully healed ovarian cancer. I have delved into the energies of the Dasha Mahavidyas, embraced my womb center, harnessed my feminine energies, and established an unprecedented bond with my ancestors and spiritual guides. I eagerly anticipate creating a sacred space where I can offer others transformative Shakti Alchemy techniques, fostering healing and growth at my new center.

Thank you, Alisa 

None of this would have existed without you.



• How to unlock The 10 Wisdom Goddesses in your 51 energy centers  within and around your body 


• Learn profound tantric methods for harnessing Shakti (energy) to initiate the healing processes, unlocking the ability to uncover and release emotional wounds. Plus activation. Level 1 focuses on self-healing and activation, while Level 2 explores techniques for assisting others through energetic healing 


• Discover the art of achieving and maintaining powerful energy states to enhance your joy, productivity, and bliss in life.


• Explore the transformative potential of breath, mantra, yantra, movement, and meditation as pathways to unlock profound personal experiences, both individually and in community or with someone special.


• 10 wisdom goddesses attunement- initiation.


Shakti Alchemy Healer

Level One

In this immersive online experience, individuals from all corners of the world gather within a sacred container, united by the desire to unlock their healing potential.


Within Level 1, we will embark on a profound exploration, discovering the secrets of connection with the ten wisdom goddesses, the ten magnificent forms of Kali.

By tapping into this divine energy, you will gain access to potent frequencies of healing, guided by her grace.


Through the wisdom of ancient Tantric practices, you will learn to enhance your connection through the power of sacred mantras and yantras. These ancient tools, provided for modern times, simple and easy, will unveil new dimensions of connection, magnifying the influence of the divine goddesses within your life.


Prepare for a profound transformation as the ten wisdom goddesses awaken within your energy centers, radiating their healing presence. Unlock the gateway to their divine energy, allowing healing currents to effortlessly flow through your palms, empowering you to facilitate deep and profound healing.


We will explore the ten wisdom goddesses, their mantras (ancient yet simple). We will invite each goddess using marma points into their personal chakra. We will invoke the realms of chakra activation and clearance. Purify and awaken your energy centers, allowing the vibrant life force to flow unobstructed, creating a state of balance and harmony within.


Embark on this remarkable path of Shakti Alchemy Healer - Level 1, and unlock the extraordinary potential within, as you become a channel of divine energy, embracing the wisdom and grace of the ten wisdom goddesses of Kali.


Shakti Alchemy Healer

Level Two

We  will embark on a journey of becoming a vessel for healing, discovering how to bestow this profound modality upon others with power and utmost safety.


Within Level 2, you will unlock the sacred knowledge and practices necessary to create a safe temple space for others. This encompasses protocols for both the physical and energetic aspects of setting up your sacred healing space, ensuring that it becomes a sanctuary of transformation and deep healing.


Guided by the essential wisdom of holding space for others, you will learn the art of anchoring a supportive container for emotions and trauma that may arise during the healing process. Ground yourself in the profound art of presence, providing a space of profound compassion and understanding.


Delve into the mastery of holding powerful healing space for others, tapping into the depths of the 10 wisdom goddesses to offer unwavering support and divine intervention. Learn techniques and embody energetic practices that will allow you to create a harmonious environment for profound healing to unfold.


Explore the methods for clearing unwanted energies from your clients, ensuring a clean and pure space for their transformation. Learn how to discern and release any energies that no longer serve, cultivating an optimal healing environment for those in your care.


Master the transformative techniques of hands-on healing, empowering you to bring healing touch and deep energetic resonance to those seeking your guidance and support. Gain proficiency in energy field healing, harmonizing and rebalancing the energetic fields of individuals, and facilitating their alignment and flourishing.


Finally, close the energetic field, an essential step to safeguard yourself from absorbing any residual energies from your clients. This crucial practice ensures your well-being and protects your energetic boundaries.


Embrace the incredible depth of Shakti Alchemy Healer - Level 2, as you pave the path to becoming a skilled and compassionate healing guide. Allow the healing presence of the 10 wisdom goddesses to be a catalyst for profound transformation, as you navigate the sacred realm of energy healing with wisdom, integrity, and safety.


Embark on this remarkable journey into Level 2, where you empower others to discover the transformative powers within themselves, and find solace in the profound art of healing offered through a Shakti Alchemy Healer.


Level One and Two

Shakti Alchemy Healer

Online Training

Normal Price for each Level is $333
Total of $666

Receive Level One and Two for $333
When paid by April 22, 2024

* Shakti Alchemy Healer Level One

Initiation (2 days x 3 Hours each day)

Saturday, May 11, 2024 10 am EST

Saturday, May 18, 2024 10am EST


* Shakti Alchemy Healer Level Two

Initiation (2 days x 3 Hours each day)

Saturday, May 25, 2024 10am EST

Saturday, June 1, 2024 10am EST


*Shakti Alchemy Healer Level One and Two Study/ Ongoing Practice PDF


* Group Chat Support


*Replay of Level One and Two

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I want to be attuned in Shakti Alchemy Healer Level 1 & 2

Training is sealed for May 11th. Try back in August

If you are not familiar with healing practices and have not been introduced to Reiki, I have conveniently included Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 downloadable upon purchase to prepare you for becoming a Shakti Alchemy Healer. These levels are based on the general principles of Reiki established by Mikao Usui. In 2011, I initially taught my students the method developed by Mikao Usui, but during my private healing sessions, it was the energy of Shakti Alchemy that seemed to flow through me.

You will receive Shakti Alchemy Healer's Manual once classes begin.

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