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Seeking The Mother


 This pilgrimage (yatra) to the mother land, India, is for January 30th- February10th, 2025 and by invitation only 

 If you are feeling called, please reach out for one and one call to see if it's the right fit. We are calling in women that  

 are hearing the call of the goddess, those with a Tantrika heart and soul 

Embark on a captivating documentary series with Alisa Martin and Justine Lemos as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of India. Let us lead you on a profound journey into the realm of esoteric self-care practices, where we explore the mysteries of Tantra and experience the divine union of the mother's grace with her beloved Shiva. Join us as we uncover the path to inner awakening and delve into uncharted territories of self-discovery!



We will open roads and opportunities in Lord Ganesh temple 

We will experience ceremony/ Puja/ Goddess initiation

We will explore and be blessed at Kamakhya Temple- make offerings to Yoni of Shakti (Kamakyha) and the Dasa Mahavidya Temples (10 Tantric Wisdom Goddesses).

We will give gratitude and with permission obtain some holy water from the sacred spring of Devi's yoni


Lakshmi puja and homa (fire ceremony) to bring in all the spiritual and financial wealth.

Offerings at Navagraha temple (9 planets) for your particular current planetary influence

We will circle in Khajuraho for some Kamasutra exploring 

We will be protected, blessed, and soul cleansed at Shiva (Jyotilinga) temple.

We will detox, relax and heal at an Ayurvedic center 

Mama Ganga will receive us, cleanse us, and rebirth us- as we glisten our skin with her nectar. 



Our passage is through the birth womb of Tantra, North India.


Envision 10 days surrounded by her Shakti and grace. 

Image her kissing your feet as you journey through her lands and waters experiencing where Tantra began. You will be held in a safe space and gently guided into esoteric goddess initiation practices. 


Expect downloads, channeling, and self-mastery! 

Expect sacred inner union (where Shakti meets Shiva) 

Expect your heart to expand (Krishna-Kali)

Expect to take the next level in your magick and spirituality

Expect doors of opportunity and finances to open

Expect the tools to weave your maya (the great play of life) as you please 




You will enjoy:


Daily lectures and practice

Goddess Practices 

Somatic Practices




Mudras Practices

Yantra Practices 

Shakti Yoga (almost like Yin Yoga)

Sound Healing with Mantra Ceremony

Karma Release 

Chakra Balancing and Activation 



Fire ceremony (Yagna)

Water (Mama Ganga) Ceremony 

Earth (Mama Bhumi) Offerings 


Entrance to Temples and Diksha (blessings)


Date: January 30th - February10th, 2025

For Gupt Navratri !


Let's be mindful as we gently remind you: If you commit, you're all in!  We are holding space for you, which means another cannot partake. All monies are non-refundable. All payments must be paid in full by October 30th, 2025

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Highlights of our Yatra


Kamakhya Temple, Assam:  The mother's mystique womb, literally.

Here you will be able to set your intentions for creation and surrender to her unfolding as the nurturing aspect of Maha Kali known as Maha Kamakhya will lay your wishes at your feet.

Khajuraho Temple, Madhya Pradesh: Here you will find complete sacral, heart, and third eye activation. Khajuraho Temples are known for their depiction of the Kamasutra. Marvel at the sensual and artistic expressions of love and passion as the divine union of your masculine and feminine aligns in bliss. Later, receive activation by the 64 yoginis at the sacred Khajuraho Yogini temple, Chausath Yogini Temple. 

Varanasi: Chausath (64) Yogini Temple once dedicated to the ancient tantrics and linked to a significant ruined temple at Khajuraho. It has transformed into a place of devotion for Maha Kali, the beloved goddess known affectionately here as "Ma".  We will bath in the Ganges, receive initiation, activation, and be grace with Maha Kali darshan (blessings).


Odisha: Chausath (64) Yogini Temple in Hirapur and Chausath Yogini Temple in Ranipur Jharial. Odisha, also known as Orissa, is considered one of the birthplaces of Tantra. The oldest yogini temples reside here. It is said that most practices were done in private in this temple in Ranipur. Here, we will spin the timeline wheel, practice (ritual), be cleansed, charged, and initiated by the 64 yoginis. We will also be blessed with the same in Hirapur.



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