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New and Full Moon gatherings 

New & Full Moon

Sister Gathering

I invite all women to experience the profound depths and empowering energy that these gatherings offer. It’s a truly unique experience that has the power to completely change your life in the most beneficial ways.


During our time together, we will dive deep into somatic and esoteric tantric practices, allowing us to release ancestral wounds, heal current life wounds, mend relationship wounds, as well as any financial wounds. This gathering will provide a safe and sacred environment for you to release, be heard, cleanse, and replenish your ojas, subtle body, and auric field, allowing the divine shakti of mother to flow through you.


Following our somatic and esoteric tantric practices, we will embark on a goddess initiation (Kalavahana). You will be honored as the great goddess. This allows for more clearing and activates each chakra to enchant our soul’s purpose. You will witness that the Maya/Matrix is actually your playground - desires manifest quickly with ease.


Within our sister circle, we will engage in channeling, allowing each individual to receive guidance and insight. Additionally, we will pull oracle cards, providing further clarity on the bliss that awaits us.


As part of our gathering, we will also practice Trataka, the ancient art of candle gazing. This meditation technique not only helps us maintain focus, but it also purifies our eyes, opens our third eye, and serves as a beautiful way to celebrate the gradual return of light after the winter solstice.


To nurture our bodies, we will exchange Abhyanga massages, an Ayurvedic practice that moisturizes the skin, increases suppleness, nourishes the nervous system, and promotes self-care and self-love. Each sister will receive a gift of Swaahaa’s Ayurvedic body oil to take home.


Our gathering will also feature Shakti Yoga, a sultry fusion of kalaripattu, dance, and chandra (moon) yoga. We will conclude the evening with the soothing vibrations of fork tuning and a crystal bowl bath.


To complete your Ayurvedic ritual before bed, you will also be gifted a yoni steam and an Ayurvedic bath to enjoy at home.


Now is the time to replenish, release, and recharge. Join us as we embrace the transformative power of the New Moon and honor the winter season.


Those that are “not” local are welcome to join on zoom 


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