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Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga is a sultry combination of Tantra Yoga, Shakti Alchemy (Reiki), Chakras, Somatic Dance, and Womb Yoga. Infused with affirmations, intentions, fork tuning,  card pulling, breath, sound, mudras, bandhas, and goddess embodiment.

Shakti Yoga

You're invited to enter a sacred temple known as your own body, come experience the ancient practice of Shakti Yoga with Alisa. Unwind and reconnect with your higher self in this gentle, rejuvenating class. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, all levels are welcome to join and experience the benefits of Shakti Yoga.

Come experience a moment of peace and rejuvenation with us, tailored for all moms seeking a break. Reconnect with your inner self, embrace your sensual and feminine side, relax, and find solace in a sacred and secure environment.

This is a feminine class and even though dedicated to moms, all are welcome.

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